1. What do the suffixes (P, W, SG, FG) mean?

P stands for PoE, W stands for WiFi, SG stands for 3G cellular network, and FG stands for 4G cellular network. For example, PLC-335SPW is a camera with both WiFi and PoE functions. 

2. What happens when Micro SD card is full?

It automatically overwrites the earliest dated recordings. Our cameras support up to 128GB SD card. If you find out the storage of an SD card doesn't meet your need, our cameras support to store video clips and alert pictures to NAS drive.

3. How many videos can a 128GB SD card store?

Record full day: 72 hours

Motion Detection (five minutes video): 30 days

4. Which lens is good for me? 4mm or 6mm?

It depends on what you need. 4mm lens allows you to have a wider view, while you can see further with 6mm lens. 


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